Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WWofHP & A New Sewing Machine

Universal announced that they will have a bit announcement on Dec. 8th about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood. I love that they announce that they will be announcing.. it's like a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer. I assume they are going to be announcing the opening The Wizarding World here in Hollywood. We know it's in Spring but haven't gotten a specific date.. guess we will have to wait a few more day before getting official word.. I can't wait!!!

Today I got my sewing machine, I've wanted a sewing machine for years now, ever since I started cosplaying I liked the idea that I would make my own costumes. Of course I haven't been on a sewing machine since 1989 and my first year of collage but I'm willing to learn. I got this great "black Friday" deal on this machine from Amazon.. only paid $70 and I couldn't pass it up. Now I just need to take some lessons or watch a few you tube videos. I'll start simple, I have a handful of very geeky fabric that I would like to make pillows our of so that is where I plan to start. Hopefully within time I'll be creating awesome cosplay outfits.. here's hoping.

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