Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hayley's Birthday Party

Spent the day running around doing various things but in the evening it was Hayley's Mermaid/Pirate Birthday celebration. I've been so busy that I really didn't have any time to put together a costume. So I quickly ran around my house and tried to find "pirate" looking things. Luckily I had my short (Hobbit) pants that would work. I also had my Hobbit shirt that could pass as a pirate shirt. And when I got to Will's (where the party was taking place) to help set up I found a hat, sword and waist scarf. In the end my outfit looked pretty good.

The party got started at 8pm and I got my drink on. Whenever my buddy Will has a party at his place I will drink as I only live a block away and can stumble home if needed, otherwise I never drink and drive. So I started with several Fireball Whiskey shots, then I filled up a very large mug was half apple cider and half fireball whiskey (must have been about ten shots in there). It was gone within an hour and I was feeling good. I'm a happy drunk and very sociable.. so opposite the me in real life.

I was drunk by 9pm but remember 90% of the evening. I think I chatted with everyone, introduced myself to the people I didn't know but for the life me I can't remember any of their names. I had a great night but around midnight I was extremely tired and remember sitting on the couch and starting to nod off. I said my goodbyes to everyone and the birthday girl. My buddy Rupert actually walked me home (though I was okay to walk home but I appreciate his concern). Once I was home I quickly undressed and took a tumble into bed around 1am.

I had to be up at 8am for my 9am NerdStrong gym class but at this time I don't know I'm gonna be up for it.. but I'll wake up tomorrow morning and see how I feel.... yeah woke up at 6am still drunk so I cancelled gym and went back to bed.

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