Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Real Hobbit Holes & Batman v Superman Trailer

So I came across this article about "real" Hobbit Holes... well it's a do-it-yourself prefabricated modular micro-house but when it's all said and done they very much look like Hobbit Holes. They are from a company called Green Magic Homes.

Here's how they explain their homes; Green Magic Homes is a prefabricated modular building system, with structural elements in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), which contains pieces carefully designed to generate multiple possibilities of spaces, access, lighting, ventilation and connection. The modules that make up the geometry are optimized in its measures to be sent in containers around the world.

Check out their video.

I honestly would consider buying one of these. I can see me buying a plot of land somewhere in a forest with a bunch of friends (or solo) and building a community of these house and living happily ever after in my Hobbit Hole. Of course I would have to do some major downsizing but as I get older I realize that I don't need all the things I have and would love to live a much simpler life. Will it ever happen.. who knows but I hope so. And if I do ever buy a house again I can see me going this route. For more info and pictures check out their website.

A few days ago WB released a scene from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well today they released a full on trailer and it's AMAZING. Unlike the Star Wars trailers they show quite a but and reveal a few spoilers for the movie. Some fans are very upset saying things like "Well now I've seen the entire movie" or "why did they show us so much". For me it just got me even more pumped for the movie... can't wait for next summer.

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