Friday, December 4, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - My Week

This week I went to the gym Saturday (CON), Sunday (TEAM), Tuesday (DEX), Wednesday (CON), Wednesday (Pilates) and Thursday (STR)

It was nice getting back to my full workout week after the Thanksgiving holiday.

For Saturday's CON class it was usually small with only a handful of us there to battle the big bad boss. Guess people were away for the holiday weekend still. Even with the smaller group we still manged to kill the big bad and get a pretty great workout.

Sunday's workout was all about 7's. Furious Seven to be exact. After the crazy warm up we did 7 Rounds of Barbell work with 7 Deadlifts, 7 Hang Cleans, 7 Front Squats, 7 Push Press, 7 Back Squats, 7 Barbell Push Ups and 7 Weighted Sit Ups.

Not a favorite of mine as I'm not a big fan of barbell work and this was nothing but. Regardless it was a great workout and by the end of the workout my shoulder were like jello.. gonna feel this tomorrow.

Monday is a day of rest..

Tuesday's DEX workout was crazy as most DEX days are. We do so many different kind of workouts you can't help but get an overall amazing workouts. Today's DEX we did Running, Air Squats, Reverse Lunges, Kettlebell Swimgs, Couch Stretches, Pull Up Negatives, Hollow Holds, Step Ups, Burpees, Kettlebell Shrugs, Sit Ups and another run... a very diverse workout.

Wednesday's CON day was crazy. Honestly it was so horrible that I put it out of my mind. I used the hashtag #WeSurvived in my tweet about the workout.. that should give you a clue how bad it was.  

Thursday is STG day, as I've mentioned in past blogs.. this is my least favorite day but I know it's neccessary for a complete workout. We did overhead squats for the first time and they were hard. I'm great at back squats and okay at front squats so I figured I'd be okay at overhead squats but man was I wrong. They were a killer and it's gonna take alot more practice before I consider myself okay at them. 

Overall another amazing gym week... I'm 10 months and still loving it. Most days I get up at 6am and the first thought in my head is.. oh good it's a gym day, but I do say.. oh good it's not a gym day on my days off as well :)

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