Friday, December 4, 2015

More Screeners & Surprise it's Chris

I got a plethora of new screeners today. Truth, Son of Saul, Youth and By the Sea.. the only one I had even heard of was By and the Sea with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and I really had no interest in watching it. A bit more investigating and Truth, Son of Saul and Youth all sounded pretty good. Most of the screeners that I have received thus far have really been unknown to me. I don't know if that says something about the movie coming out or my taste in movies.

During the evening my buddy Chris arrived from Montana and was staying with his girlfriend Hayley out in Hollywood. I got a text while I was driving home from work asking if I wanted to come join them for some pizza and hang out. I was exhausted as work as really crazy but it was Chris and I couldn't miss an opportunity to hang out with my best bud so I stopped by my house for a few minutes to grab some screeners and then headed into Hollywood. I've only been to Hayley's place once before when I dropped her off after Wondercon so I had an idea of where she lived but when my Waves took me into the Los Feliz hills I as a bit confused.. needless to say it miss directed me but luckily it was close by.

As always it's was great seeing him. He was visiting for Hayley's birthday which we are celebrating tomorrow with a Mermaid/Pirate Party. Chris knows me so well that when he heard what the girls (Hayley and her roommate) ordered for pizza he called to ask if I wanted something from Subway.. and he was right.. they ordered some crazy pumpkin and spinach pizza, which didn't sound to appealing to me. So I got a meatball sub instead. We got to hang out for a few hours before calling it an night. I'll get to see him again tomorrow at the party but it was great getting to hang out with him whenever I can.

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