Thursday, November 12, 2015

LARPs The Series S2 Ep 6 - My Thoughts

S02E06 - Charisma "It's more fun when you play nicely with others."

Not a lot of LARPing in this episode but some great character building stuff. We see Kat and Brittney get mugged and Brittney go all Ninja on the dude and the after math of that fight. We see Kat and Evans' "relationship" escalate when Kat seduces the map away from Evan's character. That was fun to see. The scenes with Shane and her boss are always fun as well as Will and his boss, who's just plain crazy. We see the continued downward spiral of Arthur and his Bard character. And we see some of the Steampunk characters from last week show up, including the one that Arthur killed. 

This was a nice solid addition to season two, they are definitely building things up and things are going to hit the fan soon... can't wait!!!

Check out the episode below...

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