Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day, Lunch with a Friend & Pilates

Happy Birthday Mom (I know you don't read my blog but I had to wish you a Happy Birthday. I love you very much).

I also want to Thank all the men and women who served and are still serving in our Military. I want to give an extra shout out to some of my friends who served or are currently serving, you guys rock!! Christopher Setts, Leonor Dutcher, Kody Lambert, Dallas Bloom, David Sharp, Andrew Avalos, Pete Foltz, & Ivy Hefler-Ochocki.

I had lunch with my buddy Kevin today, it's always fun getting to hang out with him outside the gym. Hopefully we can do it more often.

And after two weeks of not being able to go.. I finally got to attend another Pilates class at NerdStrong Gym. I'm really enjoying Pilates, for me it's a great way to release stress after a crazy day of work. It's also a great core workout and helps with your flexibility.  

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