Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - DEX Day!!

DEX workouts are always a good selection of various workouts to work the entire body. Today's workout was no exception.

We started with the Build, 230 Meter Run, Shoulder Rolls, Tricep Stretch and Calf/HamString Pole Stretch.

Next was the Proficiency part of the workout where we did Shin Box and Shin Box with Hip Extension work.

For the Quest we spent 15 minutes and had to do Half Turkish Get Ups (x5 on each side). I actually like doing Turkish Get Ups (at least the version we do at the gym).

The Battle was next and we had to do 4 minute rounds of :30 seconds of work  and :30 seconds of rest. Diamond Push Ups, Russian Twists, Jump Squats and Hollow Holds and for our :30 seconds of rest we had to do Superman (which really isn't a rest)

Luckily we got a minute between rounds to actually rest as these workouts got harder and harder as we did them.

For the finisher we got to choose between 3:00 minutes of Jump Rope or 140 Meter Relay Race. I voted for the Relay Race but the majority voted for Jumping Rope so we did 3 minutes of jump rope to finish off the workout.

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