Sunday, November 8, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - All the Eights (BSG)

Today's Sunday themed workout is titled All the Eights (ala Battlestar Galatica).

We started with a run, some pass thrus, figure 8's and good mornings before preparing ourselves for the Eights.

First up was our 8 Minute Proficiency/Stretching. We started with 2 minutes of Hamstring Wall Stretch (both sides) and then 2 minutes of Couch Stretch (both sides). Couch stretch seem to be the worst kind of stretching we do at the gym. Unless you're extremely flexible it's not the easiest position to get into.

Next was Boomers Burden which consisted of an 8 Minute Ladder of Sandbag; Sprawl, Deadlift, Clean, Front Squat and Press. We started with one of each, then two, then three up to eight and then went back down the ladder back to 1. The first few weren't bad but once you hit the peak of the ladder it got a lot harder to continue.

We moved on to Athena's  Ascension and did an 8 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible). We started with a 140 Meter Run, then 10x Toes to Bar (or Knee Ups), 10x WallBalls and then 10x Kettlebell Swings. I kept a pretty good pace the entire time and managed to do 4 1/2 rounds of this workout.

After our mandatory 3 minute rest we moved on to "Hard Eight" Again this was an AMRAP and we had to do 20x Scissor Kicks, 20x Kettlebell Glute Bridges, 20x Sit Ups and 50x Jumping Jacks. I can't remember the exact amount of rounds that I did but I was exhusted by then but I know I did at least 3 rounds.. maybe 4.

It was a pretty grueling workout today.

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