Saturday, November 7, 2015

NerdStrong Brunch & Dub Smash Just Rewards

After the tough boss fight several of us from NerdStrong went to Harvest Moon Kitchen & Marketplace for brunch. I had never been to this place but everyone said that they had really good breakfast. When we got there fellow NerdStronger Lauren was there. She did not come to the workout and was just having breakfast on her own so she joined us. While we chatted and bantered back and forth I found out that Ty is leaving us. He's moving to New York for a new adventure. Of course this made me sad as Ty is a really funny and sweet guy.. and he's pretty easy on the eyes (looks like a very fit Daniel Radcliffe). He's doing the Thor workout the past 10 weeks so we haven't really seen him around the gym and just as he's coming back to regular classes he's leaving us.  It was nice being able to hang out with these guys and gals outside the gym. Something I hope we do more often.

I've posted here about he Dub Smash war between Team Carter (Agent Carter) and Team Shield (Agents of the SHIELD). And I mentioned that Team Carter came from behind to win the battle.. well the video was released of their reward.. take a look. I loved that these people raised so much money and looked like they were having a blast.. hopefully a new battle will begin soon.

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