Friday, November 6, 2015

Middle-earth Coins, SW TFA International & Warcraft Trailers

My friend Hayley posted this article on my Facebook timeline and usually I don't like when people post things as I like to control what is on my own timeline but I was very thankful she posted this and she knew it was right up alley. It was a Middle-earth News story about a Kickstarter for a company making Lord of the Rings / Hobbit inspired coins. These are officially licensed merchandise.. which is pretty awesome.  Of course I had to contribute to the kickstarter, it had already made it's goal in just over 24 hours but they were doing lots of stretch goals and still had 20 more days left in the campaign. I went with the $65 "The Nine" package which meant I would get both set #1 and set #2 for a total of 9 coins. Containing one copper Farthing (1/4 penny), one copper Haypenny (1/2 penny), one copper Penny, and one copper Thrup'ny bit (3 pence), one copper Dwarvish Axe of Durin, one copper Elven Leaf of Hollin, one iron Eye of Sauron from Mordor, one bronze Brumby Penny of Rohan, and one copper Raven Penny of Dale Town.

Because I'm so behind on my blogging this kickstarter campaign ended a while ago and went way over their goal and them adding a bunch of stretch goals (additional coins) which I will be receiving as well. I don't know the exact count of coins that I will be getting but they're going to be awesome and I can't wait for them to arrive.

The second thing I want to share with you guys is the international trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens. It does contain quite a bit of new material but still doesn't give away any of the plot or who these characters are. All this trailer does it get me even more pumped for the movie.

I got another screener.. this time for the comedy Trainwreak.

And there is one last trailer I wanted to share with you guys.. it's the the World of Warcraft movie adaptation, titled Warcraft. I've never played WOW but I have many friends who do and I have considered starting up many times. But this is a fantasy movie and I love fantasy and this looks amazing.. I can't wait.

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