Thursday, November 5, 2015

LARPs The Series Ep 5 "Crossover" - My Thoughts

So we are half way through season two and I'm loving it. Not only have the episode doubled in length but the stories have delved deeper into the characters background and personalities. The fighting is amazing, acting is superb and the overall feel of the stories is grand.

This entire episode is about a different LARPing group in which our regular LARPer's join in for their third anniversary. What is great is this LARPing group is extremely different then our group. There's is a Steampunk LARPing group, set in a completely different world and they fight with cards which is very much different then the very tactile fighting that our group does.

Again my favorite character Arthur takes a turn for the worse. I really enjoyed his story in season one but towards the end of season one and the beginning of season two I haven't really liked where his character is going. When I first saw Arthur he was the one that I identified with most (hence why he become my favorite) but he's done things that I not only didn't see coming but he continue in his downward spiral. In this episode he poison one of the characters from the other group and she dies. She's been this character for the entire run of their LARPing group (which is a big deal) and though it looks like her and Arthur have an adversarial past and she's not the most modest person in the world, what he did was just plain mean and vengeful. I'm hoping we see him bounce back in the second half the season. He needs something good to happen for him.

Can't wait to see what happens next.. bring on episode 6!!

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