Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Handstands and Mace Jousting

DEX day at NerdStrong Gym.. Dexterity days have a really wide range of workouts. For today's workout.. after we ran a lap as we all know Coach Blair loves to make us run laps.

We started with our "Build" 50x Jumping Jacks, 3x Calf/Hamstring Stretches, 2x Doorway Stretches and finished with another 50x Jumping Jacks. We moved on to "Proficiency" and did 2x Walking Rope Squat and then 3x Lateral Walking Push Up. These were some new moves that we (or at least I) have never done. Standing on a "battlerope' and doing a squat is difficult enough but then you have to side step on the rope a foot or so and do it again and again until you get to the end of the rope.  Doing the Push Ups on the rope wasn't as bad (at least not for me as I actually enjoy push ups now).

For the Quest we did 5x Ring Dips, 100x Jump Rope and :30 seconds Handstand Hold. Ring Dips are extremely tough as they take alot of tricep strength to do them properly, which I can't so I have to use a box to help with the dips. Jumping rope is fine but I really enjoy doing handstands so that was my favorite part of the workout.

We finished off with our "Battle". We had to do 5 Rounds of 10x Mace Joust (Right), 5x Strict Mace Squats, 10x Mace Joust (Left) and then 5x Strict Mace Squats. Depending on the weight (and I choose a heavy one) these got daunting after the first three rounds but it was a nice way to finish up with workout.

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