Thursday, November 5, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Front Squats

Thursday means Strength day. This is probably my least favorite type of workout but I know it's necessary for a nice well rounded workout week.

Today's build started with a 1 minute row, then 12x Air Squats, Banded Lateral Walks and 10x PVC Pass Thrus. Once we were done with those we did the entire thing all over again.

For Proficiency we worked on Wrist Wall Walk and Thoracic Foam Roll. This was more like a great stretching session, which was nice for a change.

The Quest was next and we were doing an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for 12 minutes. We were working on Front Squats and had to do 3 reps per that minute. I teamed up with my barbell buddy Derek, so every 30 seconds we would switch off. I did find that I can't do nearly as much weight as I can do with my back squats and my form still needs some work but the 12 minutes flew by.

The final bit of the workout "The Battle" can be some of the hardest as we are already tired from all the other stuff we did and this one is a burner. For this one we had to do 4 rounds of :30 second 1 Hand Kettlebell Suitcase DL, :60 seconds of Facepeelers, :30 seconds of Standing Dumbbell Twists and :30 seconds of rest before doing it all over again.  It doesn't seem like much but 60 seconds, let alone 30 seconds is a long time.. well not when you're resting, for some reason when you're resting 30 seconds feels like 10.

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