Sunday, November 1, 2015

Comikaze Con Day 2

So I went to an earlier workout class so I could get to the con a bit earlier then yesterday as the floor/con closes at 4pm and I wanted to get as much Hobbit cosplaying in as I could. I got to the convention center around noon and suited up (well put on my Hobbit feet) as I can't drive with those things on. I checked my weapon and met up with friends.

My friend Hayley changed into her Galaderial cosplay and we roamed the halls taking pictures here and there. I got to see more of the show room floor which is always nice, especially artist alley which has become of new favorite of mine the past few cons.

There was also this booth where they were taking "old style" pictures and Hayley and I got one together and it turned out great.. creepy, but great.

After the con closed at 4pm Hayley and I went out front and found a "wooded" looking area and Dallas took some cool pictures of us. As we stood there was had people come up to us and ask for pictures which we were more then happy to do. At one point I had a guy come up to me and ask if I wanted this HUGE Hobbit poster that he had won.. of course I said yes. Don't have a clue where I'm going to put it but it is pretty epic.

We hung around the con taking pictures for about an hour before heading to my car as I as once again taking Hayley and Dallas home.

This was a quick con for me. I only went two of the three days and with my workouts I got to the con well after they opened. I spent about eight hours total for the two days at the con. But with these smaller cons you really don't have to spend all day there. I only did the one panel (NerdStrong) yesterday and really didn't even look at what other panels they were having. Overall it was an enjoyable con and I got a little cosplay in as well.. which is always fun.

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