Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hiking & The Universe

Since NerdStrong was closed today because it being New Years Eve a group of us took it upon ourselves to still get a good workout in so we went for a hike. We went to a trail up in the hills behind Burbank call Stough Canyon. I had never hiked there so I was excited to explore.

Joining me on this adventure was Aaron, Toni, Jami, Brett, Michael, Adam and two of his friends.

Michael is the one who organized this hike and also has hike this trail before. When we got there we started up the hill. About a third of the way we lost Toni, another third we lost one of Adam's friends. And when I say lost I just mean they turned around and headed back down the hill. We were heading to a specific outlook and Michael kept saying it was around the corner... we went around alot of corners before we finally got there.

We rested for a few before making the trek down the mountain and as always going down was much easier then going up. In all we hike just over six and a half miles. I think it's one of the longest hikes I have done. I know just a year ago that I would be huffing and puffing hiking for that long and though it was difficult at times I felt pretty good afterwards. Thanks Michael for introducing me to another fun hiking trail. Afterward we went out for some Ramon :)

I came across this picture and it just resonated with me. It amazes me that people still think we are the only creatures in this universe or beyond. Look how big the known universe is..and that's just want we know about. Life is amazing!!!

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