Saturday, January 2, 2016

Is Poe Gay?

Since Star Wars The Force Awakens opened people have been talking about one relationship in particular and it might be the one you are thinking of.. it's the one of Poe and Finn. When I first saw the movie I noticed the connection those two had. It was an instant bonding, a bromance if you will. But I wasn't the only one who thought that. The internet went crazy with people talking about that coupling and would Disney be so bold. I mean they have a woman, a black man and Latino as their leads. There is this great story you can read HERE about this exact topic.

Now do I think Finn and Poe are more then just friends... nope.. Do I wish it.. of course. But Finn pretty much was enamored with Rey (and rightfully so, she's adorable). So Finn is straight.. but Poe on the other hand is more ambiguous, maybe he will be the first "gay" character in Star Wars. I can see him being a gay character and if that's the case I think it would be amazing.

I would love to see his character continue the way he is now, I don't want to see him being gay.. I just want to know he is... does that make sense. All they have to do is throw out a line about a boyfriend or him checking out another dude. It doesn't have to be the focus of the scene and if you aren't paying close attention you just might miss it.

I think if Disney goes that route they might not get as much flack from the populaces, though there will always be those few who yell the loudest. But I think if any franchise can withstand some criticism it's Star Wars. I mean some people weren't happy about the leads in this episodes but it's going to be one of, if not the most successful film in the world.

So fingers crossed that when we see Poe again in Episode 8 the LGBT+ community get's a little nod from a galaxy far far away.

My The Force Be With You!!!

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