Friday, January 1, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - My Week

Another holiday week so I only got to workout for four days this week, CON Saturday, TEAM Sunday, DEX Tuesday and CON Wednesday.

First up was Saturdays CON class but coach Blair wanted to try something different so instead of going to he gym we went to a local high school and used their track and field. We had to run a mile around the track.. that's four times around. But of course it's not going to be that easy. We had to run bleachers, high knees up then run down eight times then do you lap, then bleachers again until you completed the mile run. Afterwards we did an AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) We teamed up.. my teammate was John (of course) and one rested while one ran to the 10 yard line and do 10 push ups and run back. Your partner would then run to the 10 yard line and do their push ups. When they got back you then ran to the 20 yard line and do 20 Squats, run back and your partner then does them. You then run to the 30 yard line and do 5 Burpees before running back and you partner doing it. Once you were done you would start all over again. John and I did about five or six rounds before time ran out. 

While I was finishing up my 2nd lap I went in for a drink of water and ran across some weird covering and took a tumble hard, on both wrists, knee and face.. Luckily only a few scratches (left knee and right forearm).. but that didn't stop me.. I got my drink and finished the workout. I really didn't realize how bad it was until I pulled up my pant leg and saw the blood and I didn't notice my forearm until I was done and felt a bit of pain (endorphins had warn off)

Though I got injured it was still alot of fun getting out of the gym to workout.. hope we do more of these in the future.  

For our Sunday TEAM workout we did the White Elephant workout. We were split up into two teams (Legends of the Guardians of the Stryder vs Raptors), one person from each team would go up to coach Andrew and pull a workout from a hat. The other person could either steal that workout or pull a new workout from the hat.. it may be better or worse. Once we had our workout built we spent half of the hour doing said workout. We then had the option of re-drawing workouts or just doing the other teams workout. We all opted to do the other teams workout, so in the end we wound up doing everything. They were both extremely tough workouts but we did get a full body workout with both.  

Tuesday was DEX day and of course we did a wide range of workouts..  Rowing, jumping jacks, band work, negative pull ups, kettlebell jump squats, kettlebell deadlifts, hand release push ups, knee to elbows, v ups, and superman holds. DEX days are feeling more and more like CON days. You get a really good workout with DEX days.

Wednesday's CON workout was an extremely small class and consisted only of dudes (four of us). We did the Speedster workout. That meant we did a 1 Mile Run (that's 7 times around the parking lot and it was freezing.. temps were in the low 40's), 1000 Meter Row and a finisher of 8 rounds of x15 Slamballs and x20 Kettlebell Swings. It was freezing outside and you figure once you've gone around the parking lot a few times you might start to warm up.. yeah that didn't happen.  Only thing that happened is that you sweat and then the cold air would hit the sweat and make you even colder. I was so happy to get back inside the gym though we next had to do a 1000 meter row (I'm not a fan of rowing). The finisher was rough because you were already exhausted from the 1000 meter row but you just had to suck it up and finish it.. which we did. 

Though it was a shorter week.. it was a good one. Thanks to all the coaches and to the amazing NerdStrong community 

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