Saturday, December 18, 2010

Coach, Crowds and Christmas

Still have a few Christmas gifts to buy and this being our last weekend we had to brave the storm and head out. One of those gifts is a Coach wallet for my mom. Now I can't afford a Coach wallet from one of their many stores but I figured if I went to one of the outlets I should be able to buy one there at a discounted price. So I looked online and found that the closest outlet to us is in Camarillo which is about 70 miles south west of us and would take about an hour and a half to get there. So with wind and rain we started our trek to the Coach outlet store. When we get there it's PACKED!!! I mean the parking lot, there were cars everywhere and it was pouring outside and people running around, it was pretty crazy. We found the Coach store and started to look for a parking space, which was going to take a miracle. When we drove by the front of the store we saw that there were at least 100+ people standing outside in the rain waiting to get into the Coach store which was also packed.. I looked at Harry and said "think I'm going to call Mom and see if it's cool if she gets her Christmas present after Christmas" it would take an hour to find a parking spot and then stand in line for a few hours and then fight my way inside the store to find a wallet. He agreed and we abandon our mission and headed home. But before that we went to a local Denny's for some lunch. Now the blog should be over but it's not. On our way home a bout of nausea hit me. So much so that I fought my body from trowing up. There were several times when I almost asked Harry to pull over on the freeway. Luckily I made it home and the nausea ceased after a few hours.. not sure if it was Denny's or what but for a moment I thought I had food poisoning.

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