Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT Repealed

Finally something good comes out of this government. The Don't Ask Don't Tell law for the US Military has been repealed after 17 years. Wasn't sure it was going to happen.. there were several false started to repeal it but in the end it happened today. It's good that it's gone (or will be gone) and GLBT military folks will be able to serve opening and proud if they wish and won't be kicked out because of it, but honestly if I was a gay man in the military I still wouldn't serve openly as there is still so much hate and bigotry towards being gay I would fear for my life from other service men. I'm happy they can serve openly but cautious.

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  1. It's about fraking time!
    When you see which other countries have a ban on allowing openly homosexual persons in their armies, it's not really a list the US want to be on: Iran, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, etc...