Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skating, Lazertag and Broken Legs

Tonight was my friends Marissa's 18th birthday. Our mutual friends Greg and Sheri went all out for this party. She had always joked about having a skate party. Well these guys rented out a skate park out in Northridge and through her a surprise party. The place was awesome, pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, churro and soda was at the plenty. Flashing light up glasses, glow bands and beads were given out. Belle and Arial also showed up to do balloon animals and hats and face painting. They also had what they called Lazertag but I wasn't too impressed with that. Marissa was extremely surprised and excited.

10 minutes into the party one of Greg's friends fell while skating and broke his leg. For the next 15 minute he laid on the floor waiting for an ambulance to come get him. Most people stopped skating but they did open part of the rink for those who wanted to continue. A few minutes after they took the guy away on a stretcher another guy went down and at first we thought he broke his ankle but he just sprained it really bad. But after that everything else went smoothly. We skated, ate junk food, got balloon animals made and played some lazertag. It only lasted two hours which felt like it just flew buy and at the end we had cake and sang Happy Birthday. 

Other then a few tumbles, it was a fun night, I hadn't skated in over 15 years but did pretty good (I never fell). It was great to see alot of Guildie faces, folks I haven't seen since season 4 ended. And it's always fun to hang out with my Padawan Troy. All in all a great night.

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