Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Extra, Extra, Extra

Today I got up extremely early 5am to head into North Hollywood to be an extra in a webseries. My padawan Troy who went to the skate party with me the previous night actually came back to my place as he too was going to be an extra and my place is closer to North Hollywood then his. Before we headed out for set I gave Troy an early Christmas present. Troy lives in Los Alamitos and hasn't had a GPS for a while so he uses google and yahoo maps so he is constantly getting lost or missing turn offs and such so I got him a brand new GPS system. So before we headed into town I had him open it up so he could use it this morning and break it in.

We were running a bit late but manage to get out of the house around 5:45am. We drove separately as I had to go into work after the shoot while he was going to head back to my place because he was going to be an extra for the next day as well. It normally takes about 40 minutes to get to NoHo from our place  but with morning traffic about 50 minutes to an hour. Well I didn't realize 6am traffic is different then 9am traffic and it took about an hour and a half this morning. Our call time was 6:30am and they were going to start shooting at 7am. Well Troy got there about 6:50am and I got there around 7:05am because I had to stop for gas on the way.

Luckily and kind of expected they were running late as well as it was sprinkling and we were shooting outside. I think we finally got started at 8am and did the scene for 2 hours.

It was loads of fun, I love being an extra... there really is no acting required.. they point and say go here, hold this, do that and you do it. It was great to see some of my old Guildie gang. Working with these guys always puts a smile on my face. It was some good times.. can't wait to see the final product.

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