Saturday, May 19, 2012

80's Teen Movie Marathon

Got up early and made breakfast (biscuits and gravy) for everyone. Guests who arrived yesterday were Josh, Robert, Doug, Kevin, Jes, Aaron and Rupert. After breakfast it's normally Chris who rally's the troops and get's a game of extreme bocce ball but in his absence I took the reigns and got the game going. It was super hot but we played for a few hours before we couldn't take it anymore and came inside, Jes and I tied for the lead with 5 points each.

Adam and Jared arrived followed by Jennifer and Matt. I started up the BBQ and since my large grill is on the fritz I am using my coal burning one that I purchased for Chris' going away picnic. I got lunch ready while folks just hung out and visited.

While I was BBQing we started our first movie The Breakfast Club. This is one of my all time favorite 80's teen movie and was a must see for me for this marathon. Jen and Will joined us in the middle of this movie.

Picture a Day in May #19
I grabbed a really cool picture of the entire gang for my picture a day in May thing.

In between movies we would take a break, chat and visit for a half hour.

Our second movie for the marathon was 16 Candles, another classic teen movie that I just love. My buddy Luis also arrived then taking out total number of guests 15

It was getting close to dinner time so Robert and I went out to pick up some pizzas while we started the third movie of the marathon War Games.

We got back with dinner about halfway though the film so I didn't get to see much of it but I did get to enjoy the last half of it.

After the movie we headed out back to the deck as the sun was starting to set and I wanted to get some group pixs. Everyone stayed out there for a few hours enjoying the scenery and the company. Jen and Jerad had to leave

Matt had brought his telescope and as it got darker he showed us Venus and Mars but the real treat was seeing Saturn and one of it's moons (we're thinking Titan). That was one of my favorite moments of the night... it was pretty incredible. After this Jennifer and Matt left for the evening.

Unlike previous movie marathons the night normally consist of drinking and games but we never got any games going. We did start to drink, some of us drank a bit more then others. I had planned to get smashed but I was in some sort of funk and never really got drunk. And when I don't get drunk and everyone else around me does I can get a bit annoyed by some of their behaviors. It makes it really tough to have a good time. I manage to separate myself from the group and hide in my office. I didn't want to bring the entire party down. A few people noticed and asked me if I was okay and of course I said yes but I wasn't fooling anybody. I don't know why I was in this funky mood. I miss Chris, this was our first party without him and I'm sure it had something to do with him but it wasn't all about him. I was having a great time up to us coming in from outside and then something changed.. I have no idea what.

We played our fourth movie Spacecamp in the background while the party continued. 

I spent the next few hours trying to put on a good face and enjoy the party, I was somewhat successful. Normally were up until 3am but since we had to get up early for Ren Faire tomorrow I tried to get folks to go to bed by midnight.

In my room Josh shared my bed, while Robert and Rupert slept on air matteress' at the foot of the bed. Robert unfortunately was really sick and was hugging my trash can, Josh wasn't doing so well either and was out back on the porch getting some air while Rupert was inside my master bath having a heart to heart with Will. So my plans to go to bed early didn't quite work out. After all was said and done I think I finally got to sleep around 3am.

So Friday ended on a downer.. and now Saturday ended on a downer. This movie marathon weekend isn't turning out as I planned. Off to the Ren Faire tomorrow!!!

You can check out more pictures from the weekend HERE 

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