Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harry's Truck

So Harry's truck has been sitting idol at the house since he left last August. He tried selling it when he was still here but we had no luck. That job fell to me once he left and I have to say I dropped the ball big time. Part of it was me being lazy, but the bigger part was the engine light started to come on a few weeks after he left and I just didn't have the time or really wanted to take it into the dealer to have it checked. See when you take it to the dealer it can take hours for them to check and I didn't want to be bothered so I put it off and put it off for eight months.. It just sat there in my yard. Finally Harry put a fire under my butt and got me to commit to taking it to Car Max to see what they would offer for it and in order to get the best price I had to take it to the dealer to have it checked.

Well I did that today, had an appointment at 9am (was hoping this would prevent me from waiting a long time). When I dropped it off they said it would be at least two hours before they could even tell me what was wrong, if anything. So I left it and walked over to a local mall. It was still early and the stores were closed and movies didn't start until around noon. So I sat in the courtyard and got out my ipad and watched an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.

I finally got a call around 11am and they informed me that there was rodent infestation in the engine (damn country living), but the big thing was the #4 cylinder injector and coil circuit were bad and needed to be replaced. They estimated it would cost me about $380, being out to work sucks but I know that when we do sell this truck I will recoup the money. The bigger issue was the fact that I had to leave the truck with them and I their shuttle only goes 10 miles and I live 21 miles away. So I was stuck in Valencia.

I put the call out on Twitter and Facebook asking for a ride and after waiting an hour there were no takers. Of course I got alot of people saying they would if they didn't live out of state :) So I had to walk over to Enterprise car rental and get a car for the day. This would cost me $55 for the day.

I finally got home around 12:30pm and was suppose to have lunch with my Mom but I called and told her about the whole ordeal and asked if we could reschedule our lunch which of course she said she was fine with.

Spent the rest of the day around the house getting ready for the upcoming movie marathon. Cleaning and such. I did mange to get out to the super market to pick up some groceries but I tried to motivate myself to do some podcasting and that didn't happen.. instead I caught up on a some TV that I had recorded on my DVR.

I did manage to take Picture a Day in May #16, I couldn't think of what picture I wanted to do so I just did an extreme close up (kind of scary).

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