Monday, May 14, 2012

Best Morning Ever!!

Got 10 hours of sleep today.. it wasn't a solid sleep but it's what I needed. Got up around 8am and had a text from Chris letting me know that he was ready to watch Once Upon a Time. So I grabbed some yogurt and fruit for breakfast and started up the TV and DVR.

Now that Chris is in Montana of course we can't watch TV in the same room but what we do is both record the episode and then call each other and say start at the same time and watch "together". We chat via facebook, skype or texting during the commercials. It's not the best but it's all we can do right now.

So we started the finale of Once Upon a Time and OMG (I plan on doing a entire blog on Once Upon a Time season one), needless to say we both loved it. We talked on the phone for about fifteen minutes when he asked if I had seen New Girl season finale, which I hadn't so we watched that together as well. I then called him back and we chatted for the next hour and a half. Got him all caught up on the going ons in The Geek Mob. We updated each other on our lives.. we went through all his rafting pictures on Facebook and watched the latest episode of Felicia Day's Flog.

It's funny, Chris and I chat online via skype, facebook, texting or minecraft at least once every few days, if not every day. But there is nothing that compares to actually talking to a person over the phone, to hear their voice, their laugh it just warms the heart. I miss Chris everyday which is odd because it's only been a month since I said goodbye to him and I've gone months without seeing him before and never missed him this much. I'm sure it's partly because we've grown very close over the year and the fact that we can't just jump in a car and drive a few hours to see each other.

Needless to say I plan on calling him at least once a week from here on out to chat, which I'm sure he will just love :) (Yay.. he doesn't really like to talk over the phone, which makes it that much more enjoyable for me)

Anyways.. my day is far from over.. got some podcasting to do and then later having dinner and watching Firefly with Robert (blogs to follow).

Wish I could start all my morning like todays!! Thanks Chris.

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