Friday, May 18, 2012

Job Interview

Today I had an interview down in Santa Monica with a company called High Noon Entertainment. I answered one of there requests for a Post Production Supervisor for a new show. The gig runs 19 weeks and would start in the beginning of June. Not a fan that it's way out in Santa Monica (it will be a four hour round trip commute everyday) but I am greatly in need of a job and it's only for 19 weeks.

My appointment was for 10:30am which meant I had to leave my house by 8:30am. Traffic was just as I remembered and it sucked. Got to the building around 10:15 and waited about ten minutes in the parking structure until 10:25 when I made my way up to their offices. When I entered there was no one around so I stood there for about three or four minutes before someone came walking over and I asked them where I could find this person I was interviewing with (Director of Post). He didn't know who I was talking about and went to find out from someone else when a woman who initially contacted me about the job exited her office and greeted me. She brought me into her office were the Director of Post was waiting and the interview started.

I'm normally not nervous when interviewing as I've had gotten to the point of not really caring if I get the gig or not. But since I've been out of work for eight months now I really need this job so I was a bit nervous this time around. For the next half hour we talked about the job, my qualifications, and previous jobs. I thought it went really well. Towards the end I mentioned that if I did get the job that I would need off July 11 - 15 for comic con. Come to find out that the director of post is really into Lord of the Rings and I mentioned that I dressed up as a Hobbit last year for SDCC and luckily I had pictures on my phone. He showed me a picture of him siting in the Captain's chair on the TOS bridge and of course I showed him the picture of The Geek Mob all in Star Trek uniforms at Vasquez Rocks. He quizzed me on some LOTR trivia and I did pretty good, this went on for about 15 more minutes before the line producer finished the interview and said they would let me know next week sometime.

I left the interview feeling pretty good, I feel I'm exactly what they are looking for. I gave them my rate but did tell them that it's negotiable. All I can do now is wait.

When I got home I did send them an email thanking them for their time and wishing them all the best and I did get a great response from the line producer "Kenny,  I so enjoyed our meeting as well.  I don't think anyone has ever shown me Hobbit photos before in an interview.  I'll follow-up with you next week." So at the very least I made an impression.


  1. Hopefully the geek connection gave you a leg up in the interview! Good luck, Kenny!!

  2. Great job Kenny! Good luck buddy!!