Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harry's Truck part two

So I got up this morning and waited for the dealer to call me. I had to get the rental car back to Enterprise by 11:58 or be charged another day.

Spent the morning talking to my buddy Charles, my new co-host on my once named podcast Epic Geek Out. We were trying to come up with a new name for the podcast since Epic Geek Out is.. well Out. (Read previous blog for details). We came up with one that I loved The Good, The Bad, the Geek but there is already a podcast called The Good, The Bad and the Geeky. We came up with a few names "Our Geeky World" and "A Very Geeky Podcast" we both like these title but aren't totally in love with them.. so we are still brainstorming.

Still hadn't heard back from my dealer so I gave them a call to see check on the status, he said he would check and get back to me. Well and hour passed and now it was 11:15am and I wanted to make sure I got the rental car back before noon. So I headed out hoping to hear back from the dealer before I got there. Luckily he called me when I was about 15 minutes away and informed me that the truck was done and other then regular maintenance it's good to go. So I returned the rental car and then walked over to the dealer and picked up the truck. It's crazy because the parts cost me $50 but the labor was $325 (talk about rip off).. with taxes it was a grand total of $380.15.

Anyways I got home and just chilled and watched some recorded TV off my DVR.. I am so backed up on some shows.

I also pulled out all the alcohol for this coming weekends party and man is there alot. I took my Picture a Day in May #17 with it all.

Going to try and get some podcast editing done, really want to get a head start on some of my podcasts so I'm not editing the day before they are due.

Oh I did get a call for an interview for a post production supervisor job in Santa Monica. So I have that tomorrow morning... wish me luck.