Monday, May 14, 2012

Firefly Marathon Continues

My bestie Robert and I have been hanging out at least once a week for a few months. Recently, the past few weeks we've been doing dinner and Firefly. We've been watching three episodes every week. Tonight we picked up some Italian food and we watched four episodes of Firefly this evening. Out of Gas (which is my favorite episode), then Ariel (which is my second favorite), followed by another great episode War Stories and ended the night with Trash (this episode never aired on FOX).

We only have three more episodes and then the movie Serenity left to watch but it's awesome going back and watching this great series especially with my best friend and a person who has never seen it.

Two more weeks to finish this series and then will pick another series that he's never seen to start watching.

Side note.. I took my Picture a Day in May #14 with Robert.

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  1. Save Serenity for when Matt and me come visit you! I would love to see it again and also come spend some time with you guys! :) xoxo Jennifer L