Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Set of My Gimpy Life (Final Day)

Picture a Day in May #13
Didn't sleep too well, whenever I have to be up super early I always wake up every few hours. Finally got up around 4:30am, took a shower and went out into the living room. Jes, Anne and Nicki were all getting ready and to my surprise Rupert was there getting ready as well. I guess he crashed at my place last night unbeknownst to me. The five of us got ready and were out the door by 5:15am. We had to be in Los Angeles by 6:30am and I live at least an hour and ten from where we need to be. Jes drove herself, while Anne and Nicki went together and I drove Rupert. We got there a little after 6am, which goes to show you that if there is no traffic you can get to down town Hollywood in about 50 minutes from my place.

We shoot several scenes from The Guild including Cheesybeards at this same location, it was fun being back. There were lots of extra today, around 30 and during the morning I helped get them settled in upstairs. Now My Gimpy Life used a service called LA Extras as well as getting some Guild of Extras (besides Rupert, Jes, Anne and Nicki. Aaron, Jen, Heather and Ashphrod joined us as well.) And I noticed how different the two groups were. I mean I've dealt with a large group of extras when we shoot season five of The Guild we had hundreds but the difference was they were fans and were doing this to be part of The Guild. These LA Extra folks were rude, down right mean and very demanding. I really didn't care for 2/3's of them.

Anyways the shoot went great and we finished the final shoot of the day and that was a picture wrap on My Gimpy Life. I got some great interviews and I'm looking forward to editing these companioncasts and releasing them with new episodes.

After the shoot I headed home to find Rupert still at my house hanging out. I did a few things around the house but having a guest here makes it difficult to really get into editing of my next MASH podcast and what not. Instead we watched some TV and chatted. He left around 8:30pm and I got ready for bed as I couldn't concentrate on editing podcasts or doing anything else.

The finale of Once Upon a Time was on tonight but I wanted to wait and watch it with Chris since it kind of became our show to watch together.. so instead I watched some Simpsons before going to bed.


  1. Was great to see you yesterday! Diana and I had a lot of fun and were glad to meet some of the Guild of Extras folks.

    1. yeah it's always great to see you and finally meet Diana.. I totally forgot to add you to the list of Guild of Extras.. will make that change now :)

    2. Thank you! It was an amazing experience; I'm very glad I went.

  2. w00t! Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else again at SDCC.