Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bros Bros and More Bros

I had the honor of having lunch today with my buddy Will. Will and I don't get to hang out as much as we would like but the time we do spend together is very important to me. Today he came to my work, parked and we walked up with the hill to Universal City Walk. When we got there we decided to have lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. It was another fun get together. We chatted about work, life and our usual stuff. Will has always felt like a little brother to me. I've always been there to listen to and offer advice on various things happening in his life. And though many years have past we still have that kind of relationship and I'm so thankful.

After work today I headed over to my buddy Robert's place. We are continuing our Buffy rewatch/ 1st time watching. Unlike Will I haven't known Robert for that long but from the moment we met I felt as if I have known him my entire life. We have become the best of friends and I love hanging with him. Of all my "close" friend Robert is the one I hang with the most. Today we were having Italian for dinner and continuing with Season four of Buffy. We watched three episodes tonight, starting with Fear Itself. Fun episode, great ending and fun to see a different side to Giles. Our second episode was Beer Bad. This is unanimously considered the worst Buffy episode ever. I don't think it's the best and maybe it's low on the list of rewatch for me but even Buffy's worse is still 100 times better then other TV shows. Our final episode for the evening was Wild at Heart. This was the end of the Oz and Willow relationship. I love Oz but I'm happy to see him go as that means we will be seeing Tara (who I love). It was a great episode to end the night with.

It was nice to get a break from the crazies that is my job to have lunch with Will and then to decompress and hang with Robert after a long day of work. Bros are the best.

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