Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Credit Card

So I've been wanting to do this for a while,  My friend Sebastian, uses nothing but a credit card to pay for everything and get's cash back/points for every purchase. Since my best friend lives in Montana I thought it would be cool to get a credit card that I could do the same.. but instead of cash back I get points towards air miles. I bank with Bank of America and while on their site I noticed an ad for a credit card for travel miles. Now with most of these kinds of credit cards you have to pay a yearly fee, but this one you did not. Of course you're not getting huge amounts of point per dollar but I liked what I saw and signed up. I was approved in minutes and a few days later I got the credit card. I have been using it for everything since. If I spend $500 within 90 days I'll get an extra 10,000 points = $100. So I figure I'll get $1 for every 100 points. I get 1.5 points per dollar spent. Like I said it's not huge but any amount will help when it come to buying airline tickets. I'm going to try and pay for everything via the card and get the most out of the points I can. 

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