Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hard Drive Woes

Since my hard drive crashed last month I have been slowly realizing the extent of what was lost. It was my main external hard drive, especially for my podcasts. But I'm not realizing how much I've actually lost until I go looking for something and can't find it. Today I was trying to finish up my next MASH 4077 podcast. All I have left to do is add audio from the episodes. I realized that I lost all my electronic versions of MASH episodes as they were on that drive so I no longer have any audio for the episodes. I don't even have the episodes on DVD (those went with Harry).. so what to do in a pinch.. I tried to find the episode of MASH I'm currently working on online and did manage to get it but it's a version with the audio laugh track and it's so distracting and horrible that I decided to stop editing. Figured I'll take a few days to try and find a cleaner version. I hope I can but if not I'll use the one with the laugh track. At least it's only this one episode. If I have to I'll go out and buy the entire series on DVD.


  1. Backup, Backup and Backup again. Best in 3 different locations!

    1. Yeah that's my new rule.. I got a new 3TB drive and will also be backing up to the ether.