Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Movie Marathon Weekends Return

So I haven't had an official movie marathon weekend since May of 2012... wow it's been a long time. I did have a rather large party for my 42nd Birthday in September and again a much smaller party for my 2012 Christmas party. But after this long break.. I've decided to have another movie marathon. This time we are watching all things Superman.

The reason I am writing this blog is because this event is going to be my smallest yet. I only invited 10 or so people. So alot of my friends did not get invited to this one. I had to be super selective and it was tough. I don't want folks to think that I am trying to keep this a secret.. I mean I blog, tweet and facebook too much to keep things a secret. So if you were not invited to this one please don't take it personally.. it doesn't mean we are not friends.

As I have mentioned several times on my blog, back in September for my Birthday weekend things kind of got out of hand and from that point on I swore off doing any more movie marathons or parties for that matter. But I miss everyone and I enjoy those weekends so much that I'm starting them back up.. but on a much smaller scale.

I'm sorry if you feel left out or that we are not good enough friends to be invited to this event, neither is done on purpose. I wish I could invite every one of you but my house and my nerves can't take it.

I'm going to continue to have these smaller parties and will continue to rotate my invited friends so everyone can enjoy the hospitalizes of Casa De Kenny.

And for those I'm not seeing this coming weekend I hope we get to hangout at Wondercon next month.

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