Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Babylon 5

After the Gimpy Life shoot I headed over to my buddy Robert's place for our weekly TV night. We continue our first time viewing of Babylon 5. Tonight we watched Season 2, episodes 14, 15 & 16.

First up S2 Ep14 "There All The Honor Lies"Sheridan kills a Minbari warrior in self-defense, but a Minbari witness to the incident claims it was not justified.

This was an okay episode. I didn't like how Delenn turned so quickly on Sheridan. But the overall out came was well done. There was a bit of humor in this episode with the Babylon 5 merchandise and Ivanova dealing with it and Londo insisting that they stop selling dolls in his likeness.The viewers knew it was a set up from the beginning, but for some reason Sheridan didn't see it and it was frustrating but then Garibaldi steps in and says exactly what the viewers are thinking that this was a set up... now they just have to prove it. I really enjoyed Lennier steppping up in this episode.

Next was S2 Ep15 "And Now For A Word" ISN films a segment on Babylon 5, right in the midst of an deadly conflict between the Narn Regime and the Centauri Republic.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this episode when it started as a news report but it turned out to be one of the better ones this season. It just goes to show you that the Centauri's are ruthless bullies. 

And our final episode of the evening was S2 Ep16 "In The Shadow of Z'Ha' Dum" Is John Sheridan above the law? His heart overrides his head when he illegally detains a visitor - Morden - who may know if Sheridan's wife, Anna, presumed dead on an ill-fated scientific exploration is still alive.

I had a hard time with Sheridan in this episode but WOW what an episode, they spilled a ton of information in this episode that I'm sure will be played out over the next few seasons.  We find out about the "first ones" and that Kosh and his race the Vorlons are the last of them. They are in for a huge battle. This episode definitely left me wanting more.. can't wait to continue this series.

It was a long but AWESOME day...

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