Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Gimpy Life Shoot: Day 5 (Final Day)

Today is the final day of principal photography. They still have a few pick up shots but they are using a skeleton crew (which does not include me). So today is my last day on set of My Gimpy Life season two.

We shot in Hollywood once again. Today was alot of waiting in the holding area with a handful of extras, including friends Aaron T, Aaron M, Dallas, Heather, Diane and Jessica. I got a few crew member interviews and also some of the special new cast members. Also Marissa Cuevas  returns as Teal's friend and is awesome as always.

I was excited for today as several of "special" new cast members were well known celebrates. First up was Mindy Sterling, she has over 140 credits to her name, but she's best known for Frau in Austin Powers movies.. she was super sweet, and gave a very good interview.

The next one was Mitch Silpa who has over 40 credits to his title, including Bridesmaid & Desperate Housewives. He too was great, very nice and gave me a great interview.

But my favorite celeb today was Geri Jewell, who played Geri in The Facts of Life. I was super excited to meet her since I'm a HUGE Facts of Life fan. I have to say she's still as funny and charming as ever. I got a great interview out of her about disabled actors in Hollywood and if it's gotten any better over her 30+ career in the industry.

I'm sad that the shoot is over but I can't wait to see how they put this season together... lot's of good stuff is coming your way. It was great seeing Teal and the gang of My Gimpy Life. I got some great interviews both with crew and cast and I can't wait to put these podcasts together and get them out for all to listen.

A special thanks to Teal for allowing me to be part of your Gimpy Life family. 

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