Sunday, October 6, 2013

Podcasting Team

Today I recorded six new episodes of my MASH 4077 Podcast. Unfortunately one of the co-hosts (Al) wasn't able to make it so it was just two of us (Meds and I) for four of the episodes. I did manage to get a third person (Don) to help us out on a few. He is a listener and fan of the podcast. He made a donation to the podcast which gave him the opportunity to co-host with us.  As always it's alot of fun, but with two hosts and not three we did manage to get through these podcasts alot quicker.

But Al was missed, he's the humor of the show, his back and forth banter with Meds is priceless. I'm not saying that the shows we recorded without him are going to be bad or not funny but he does bring alot of that to the show. You realized that the three of us make the prefect team.. maybe that's why our MASH podcast is getting more and more popular as time goes on.

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