Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Gimpy Life Shoot: Day 1

Today is the first shoot day of My Gimpy Life Season Two. I've been with My Gimpy Life since the beginning. When Teal first came up with the idea for this webseries she asked me if I wanted to be part of it and I of course said yes. I offered my services as a podcaster and said I would love to do a CompanionCast for the webseries. This is similar to my popular Knights of the Guild, which is a CompanionCast for the webseries The Guild.

So were back for season two and I planned to be on set everyday doing interviews with cast and crew members. We're shooting four episodes in five days. Day one we were in Pasadena at a local coffee house. Teal was there of course as well as returning cast member Brent (who plays her roommate). We also were joined by several new cast members, Russell and Carlos.

Carlos was hilarious and a pleasure to interview for the podcast. Russell who is also one of the co-executive producers of this season was fantastic. We interviewed for a good 30 minutes, this is his first "significant" acting role and he nailed it.

Sometimes you meet people and you just have this feeling that you were meant to be friends, Russell and I just clicked.

It was a great shoot, we had this incredible craft service person Michelle who made us feel like we were on this high budget production. Even with one incident that could have shut down the shoot for the weekend, everyone remained calm, resolved the issue and moved on. I have to say this was one of  the smoothest shoots I've ever been on.  I'm looking forward to day two.

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