Friday, December 6, 2013

America Young, Letter from Chris & a Harry Potter Short

First I want to say Happy Birthday to Miss America Young. I met America a few years ago through our mutual friend Greg Aronowitz. Our friendship grew and I got to know America better and I have to say that I have never met anyone sweeter, she is genuinely a nice person. She has this smile that's so infectious you can help but feel great when you see it. She is so talented, she's a stunt women, actor, director, voice over artist and so much more. We don't get to spend as much time hanging out as I would like, but the time we do is very precious to me. So Happy Birthday America.. you deserve all the best life has to offer.

I got my first hand written letter from Chris (who's in Kuwait, if you didn't know). Even though we talk via Facebook chat almost everyday it's still cool to actually get a hand written letter in the mail. I remember the day when this was the only way to communicate other then the telephone. It's sad that we don't do it that often anymore. I try and send cards with written notes to friends once in a while but I don't do it as often as I would like. I started to write a hand written letter back and it's so strange as it's been a while since I have actually written a letter by hand, and it feels very foreign.

In geek news I came across this amazing fan created short movie called "The Greater Good". It's Based on an account told by J.K. Rowling about a young Albus Dumbledore, "The Greater Good" chronicles the climactic and tragic duel that changed the fate of Dumbledore, and his family, forever.

They could do a entire movie on Dumbledore's life but this mini movie is a great start. The acting is good and music is perfect and the special effects aren't that bad. There were a few that made me cringe but for the most part it's a very well done fan film. I enjoyed their interpretation of this scene from the book. And I loved the underlying theme of love, you can sense that Dumbledore realizes that he let his love for Grindelwald blinded him from the truth... it's some powerful stuff. If you're a Harry Potter fan then this is a must see. You can watch it below.

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