Sunday, December 1, 2013

Final Movie Marathon Weekend Day 3

This is it.. the final day of the final movie marathon weekend. Joining me for this final day was Jes, Doug, Aaron, Barbara, Dallas, Rupert, Cait, Robert and Jen.

We started out day like all other days.. with breakfast. We then went out and played some extreme bocce ball for the last time. This was in honor of our buddy Chris (who created the game.. well the extreme part) he is currently in Kuwait and couldn't join us for the festivities. 

After bocce ball we headed inside to start Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.

I'm so happy that they finally spit the book into two movies. As I mentioned I think they should have done that with book four, five and six as well. There is alot of walking and talking in this book but I think they did a good job at keeping that to a minimum but still getting across that time was passing. Some of the scenes were directly pulled from the book and some were altered to fit the movie better. I think they did a great job at the cut off point between the movies. And I still cry every time when Dobby dies in Harry's arms.

For lunch we once again did left overs, turkey, sandwiches and pizza. We then got started on the final movie in my Final Movie Marathon Weekend, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

This was a prefect ending to a great series of movies. This was all action, they went out on a bang, as did the books. I was extremely happy with the final movie. I think overall they did justice to the book series. And if you're never going to read the book series then I think you got a good tasty of what it was like living in the world of Harry Potter from the movies.

So ends the final movie marathon with Harry Potter, 3 days, 8 movies for a total of 1199 min (20 hours) of awesome. It was great watching these movies back to back to back. You got to see the actors grow up right in front of your eyes. It was also great to see how each movie really did lead into the next one. I'm so happy that all eight movies had the same actors playing the same roles (with exceptions to Dumbledore). The movies had various directors but pretty much the entire crew was the same throughout the eight movies and it shows.

I want to thank all who came and joined me in this final marathon. I have to admit that I was bummed that some people were not able to make it but also very grateful for all those who did. It was a nice end to something that has been very important to me. Will I do movie marathons at my new place? Who knows but I do know they will never be the same.

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