Monday, December 2, 2013

House Sold, Hobbit Premiere & Christmas Gifts

So I got word today that the buyers took off their contingencies, which means this house has sold. There is always a slim chance that things will fall through but they are at a point of no return. If they pull out now they can lose the 3% that they had to put down. So this is pretty much a done deal.

Now that I know this I can start packing up everything and look for a new place to live. I was putting off looking for a place as I didn't want to get stuck having a lease on an apartment and have the deal fall through at the last minute and be stuck with a house as well. But it looks like clear sailing from here so I'm going to begin my hunt.

I have actually been packing for a week or so but now I'm pretty much packing up everything that I won't need in the next two weeks. I have 15 days before the escrow closes and 2 more days to get out of the house... if things weren't stressful enough it just got 100 times worse... I have to much to do.

I took a break from packing to watch The Hobbit premiere, it was happening in Los Angeles and they were airing it on youtube live. A few of the stars from the movie were there as well as the man himself Peter Jackson. If I wasn't in the middle of all this craziness I would have dressed up in my Hobbit outfit and gone down to the Kodak Theatre.

To my surprise I got 2 Christmas presents in the mail. One was from my buddy Ken Todd who lives up in Canada. He got me Seasons 1 & 2 of Sherlock (I've been wanting to see these.. super excited). He also got me a Sherlock Companion book. Can't wait to check it out once I've watched both seasons. Thanks Ken for being such a special friend.

The second gift came wrapped and is from my best bud Robert. I don't have a clue what it is and he asked that I wait until Christmas to open it. This is actually the third gift he has given me. A few weeks ago he got me Man of Steel on blu-ray and then last week he got me a new set of hair clippers. Robert likes spoiling me.. but I don't mind :) Thanks bud for another Christmas gift, I can't wait to open it.

And to finish off this blog... I got another screener today.. this time it's The Butler. I have heard of this movie and actually was looking forward to seeing it so I'm super excited that I got a screener for it. 

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