Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spiderman 2, X-Men & Sound of Music Live

Morning didn't start off that great as the guy who was suppose to pick up my spa flaked on me..again. This is the third time he's not shown up, The first time his wife was going into labor and then the second time he had a new baby and lack of sleep. And me being the naive person that I am thought that sounded truthful. Then we texted few days ago and confirmed everything for 10am today.. that came and went and I texted him around 4 to see if something came up and nothing. So that's three strikes.. time to put the spa back up on craigslist and see if I can find someone who will actually follow through with their promise.

Got two more screeners today.. Nebraska, which I had never heard of but did see a commercial for it afterwards. And 12 Years a Slave which I have heard about and was hoping to get a screener. So I'm looking forward to checking those out.

Sony Pictures released a trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2. Lot's of action and almost a bit to busy for me. Things were flying across the screen so fast you really couldn't tell what was going on. With that said it's just a trailer and it's not going to deter me from seeing it in the theaters. Check out the trailer below.

Bryan Singer announced on twitter that next years X-Men: Days of Future Past already has a sequel in the works titled X-Men: Apocalypses. I love that we haven't even seen the next X-Men movie and they are already planning a sequel... sounds like the sudio has a lot of faith in the next installment... can't wait.

Posted another Random Geek Question: Which Fandom do you think is the most passionate. Trekkies, Ringers, Whovians, Star Wars, Harry Potter, another?? And to my surprise I got nothing on Twitter and only a few responses on Facebook. I thought it was a fairly interesting question, maybe it was too difficult to answer. I mean for me I don't know if I could pick one fandom over the others. I mean I'm part of many fandoms, Trekkies, Star Wars, Potter, Ringers, Whovian, Whedonite, and many more.. I think they are all passionate in their own way.

I ended my night with watching The Sound of Music Live on NBC. This was live stage play of The Sound of Music. Social media went crazy, mostly negative, complaining that the sets looked fake, I just wanted to yell.. "it's a stage play not a movie".

For me personally I loved it. I enjoyed the movie Sound of Music and this was like watching it live on stage. Folks complained about Carrie Underwood who played Maria. She has a beautiful voice, maybe it's not perfect and meant for stage (yet) but I think she did a really good job. I am happy to say that this show had over 18 million viewers and was one of the biggest success for NBC in years. So even though the social media folks were more vocal and nasty, the majority of the people enjoyed it. I need to keep telling myself to not let the haters effect me... Haters are going to hate.. all that matters is what I think and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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