Saturday, December 7, 2013

10 Days and Counting

10 days left before escrow closes on my house. I still have a ton of things to do and I feel like I haven't made any progress on anything. I'm stressed out and a bit overwhelmed. I can't wait for this whole process to be over.

Since I was feeling a bit out of control and in panic mode I decided that this wasn't going to help me.. I had to come up with a game plan.. so I took a few deep breaths and made some decisions. First I decided that I was going to put everything into a storage unit and crash at my friends and/or brother's house and look for a place to live when I have time and not really worry about finding a place in the next ten days. Along with the storage unit I also made a game plan on when I want to move things out of my house. First this Wednesday I will move all the boxes to storage and then on Sunday I'll move all the furniture. I put a request out there to see if anyone would be will to help. I got a few friends for Wednesday and a few for Sunday. All help is appreciated.

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