Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Escrow Closed & Amazing Christmas Gifts

ESCROW CLOSED!!!!! They signed the paperwork this morning and I officially sold my house.

Hmmm... Now what!!!

I forgot to mention this in my Sunday blog post but I got some amazing Christmas gifts when my buddeis come over to help me move.. First I got this really awesome Hufflepuff beanie cap from my buddy Dallas... he knows me so well.

I also got a very cool handmade gift from my friend Jes (but I can't say what it is or post a pix of it, at her request). 

And finally my buddy Aaron commissioned a UComic to be made for me. UComic's are done by Acclaimed artist Len Peralta (Geek a Week) and award winning writer Jessica Mills (Awkward Embraces).

For mine they went with a Hobbit/Potter themed comic. It's pretty amazing and I love it. You can check out their site and commission them to make one for you or for a friend like Aaron did. CLICK HERE.

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