Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Babylon 5

It's Wednesday and that means TV night. Robert and I haven't done a TV night since mid November and we were both jonesing for some B5. And since I am now homeless I figured I'd crash at his place tonight.

We continued our Babylon 5 first time viewing starting with S3 Ep 6 "Dust to Dust" Bester returns to Babylon 5 to stop the flow of Dust, a powerful new drug which can temporarily unlock telepathic powers. But Captain Sheridan and the crew can't risk Bester reading their minds and uncovering their secret Shadow war preparations. G'Kar finds out the truth about Mollari but has his path is changed by a vision.

This was an enjoyable episode. They actually kind of made Bester likable. G'Kar was crazy in this episode but he finally found out the truth about Londo and Londo actually looked sorry for what he has done.. but still not a fan of Londo. G'Kar character changes big time with the vision that Kosh "helped" with.

We then watched S3 Ep 7 "Exogenesis" Marcus and Franklin investigate a series of deaths caused by a mysterious parasite.

This was a good episode, had a bit of humor with Marcus and Ivanova, some action scenes. I really liked Marcus and his bow.. with his long hair and bow he reminded me of Gambit from the X-Men. This was the first big episode that featured Marcus, he's a fun character.

Third episode we watched tonight was S3 Ep 8 "Messages From Earth" An archaeologist is brought to Babylon 5 with a grave message - a dormant Shadow ship has been found on Ganymede. It must be destroyed before it falls into the hands of President Clark.

Things are really starting to heat up, everyone finds out that Clark is much more evil person then they thought. He's trying to use a Shadow's ship. I like that Sheridan took control and took the Mimbari ship and destroy the Shadow's ship. 

We were on a role so we continued to watch B5.. next up was S3 Ep 9 "Point of No Return"
Nightwatch takes control of Babylon 5 security. The widow of the former Centauri Emperor visits Londo, and gives Londo and Vir news of their future. 
The beginning of the end has begun.. Nightwatch (meaning the Government) takes over Babylon 5. Marshal Law is happening on Earth. It was good to see Majel Barrett on Babylon 5. If you don't know who she is.. she was married to Gene Roddenberry and was in Star Trek TOS, TNG and DS9, and has done the computer voice for all incarnations of Star Trek. Anyways I was shocked to find out that Vir was destine to be Emperor and Londo's reaction to this news was priceless. It will be interesting to see if this effects Vir and Londo's relationship in the future.

And the final episode of the night was S3 Ep 10 "Severed Dreams" When President Clark escalates his brutal repression of the people of Earth Alliance, Captain Sheridan declares Babylon 5 independent.

Wow.. the shit has really hit the fan with this episode.. everything is about to change. Great episode, action packed, tense and lots of great battle scenes. Humans against humans... the civil war has begun.

It was tough stopping but we did five episodes tonight and that's quite a bit for us. Won't be able to watch next week as it's Christmas but hopefully will be able to pick back up the week after. 

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  1. Severed Dreams has one of my favorite Delenn quotes/moments, if not one of my favorite moments of the series in general.
    You know the one.