Monday, December 16, 2013

Final Days, Screeners and Once Mid-Season Finale

One day to go until the escrow closes so the buyers did their final walk through. They were here to check if I did all the fixes they requested and to ask any final questions they might have. I went over everything with the husband and he seemed satisfied with the fixes. He did mention that he wish I would have replaced the roof tile where the satellite dishes were screwed in, instead of just sealing the hole but he accepted my fixes. The woman had all the questions, like how does the water system work, how much propane there is left in the tank and so on.

So I spent a good hour walking around the property explaining all the nuances of the place. The woman asked if I would remove some of the trash that has collected on the hillside (because of the winds), I agreed and then their still the leak on the outside faucet that I tried to fix but couldn't find the water shut off valve so my fix didn't hold.

But they were happy with everything and planned to sign the closing papers tomorrow.. so yay!!

I got three more screeners today, three independent movies that I've only vaguely heard about. August: Osage County, Fruitville Station and Philomena. These aren't high on my list to watch but if a friend wants to watch them I'd be open to watching with them.

During the evening I watched last nights mid season finale of Once Upon A Time. Wow.. what a game changer. They concluded the Peter Pan story in a very satisfying way if not shocking way by having Rumpelstiltskin stab Pan and himself and disappearing into a puff of smoke while everyone looked on frozen in fear (literally). Rumpelstiltskin finally found his courage and did what he had to do to save his loved ones. This character has come so far and has had so much growth it's pretty amazing. But this is the real end to Rumpelstiltskin?

But then they did the set up for the next half of the season and this is where things went crazy. Before Pan died he enacted the same curse that Regina did at he beginning of season one so that meant everyone would be stuck in time and not remember who they were. Regina was the only one who could destroy the original curse but would have to sacrifice her greatness love, being her adopted son Henry. Again like with Rumpelstiltskin, Regina has come a long way from being the evil queen. She's not "good" per se but she loves her kid. The other hitch to destroying the curse is that the town of Storybrooke would disappear and all the fairytale characters would be sent back the Enchanted Forrest. All those who were born there. And though Emma was born there she is the chosen one and once again will not be effected by the curse. So she and Henry have to leave Storybrooke but once the curse is broken both of them will lose their memories of Fairytale land and all the people.

It was heartbreaking to watch everyone say goodbye. But Regina destroys the curse and the town disappears in a purple haze. We then see one year later and Emma and Henry are in New York when there is a knock at the door and it's Hook saying that her family is in trouble and needs her help. Of course Emma has no idea what he's talking about, Hook kisses her (hoping to break the spell) but it doesn't work and she pushes him out the door and slams it on his face... the end.

Can't wait for the return of this show.. I wonder if everything is going to take place in Fairytale land since Storybrooke is gone and I wonder how Emma and Henry will get their memories back and what kind of trouble Emma's family is in.. guess I'll have to wait and see.

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