Saturday, December 21, 2013

Apartment Issues & Christmas with Mom

Here's the deal about the parking spot... she verbally told me that I had a parking spot with this apartment and that it was included in the $1500. But on the official contract which is a generic renter's contract, it says.. if you are assigned a parking spot please don't do repairs, paint.. blah blah blah in your spot. There is no mention of a parking number or that I actually had a spot. 

So with that I pretty much made up my mind about the apartment, I got alot of advice from my friends on Facebook. Some said "get out now", others said "fight her" as it was a verbal contract. If you know me, you know I'm so not a confrontational person, which doesn't mean I'm a push over (some my disagree) but this isn't worth fighting for. I don't want to be at odds with my land lady the very first day of my lease. It's easier to just move on, learn from the experience and find something even better.

I talked with the owner/land lady in the morning and said I will take the place if it's $1500 a month with a parking spot as we agreed upon. She refused to give me the spot so I terminated the contract. I will go down tomorrow to officially terminate it and get my deposits back. So that's it.. I am on the search for another apartment.

Today I was spending Christmas with my Mom and Step Dad. I joined Mike and his family and we drove down to Balboa Island. It was a nice time, we spent about six hours there. We exchanged gifts, watched a bit of the boat show, ate some Chipotle.. it was good times.

Got home and worked on catching up on my blog.. with all the craziness I'm about two weeks behind but slowly and surely I'm getting caught up.

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