Friday, December 20, 2013

You Win Some... You Lose Some!!!

I got the apartment... the owner called me and said that everything checked out and that the apartment is mine.. just have to come down and sign the lease. So I planned to meet up with her at 1pm out in North Hollywood. I had to bring a check for the deposits and first month rent so I went to my check book and there were no more checks (I rarely use checks). So I had to go with a cashiers check so I stopped by BofA before heading to her place.

I got to her place and once again like yesterday she talked to me for an hour, pretty much about the same stuff she told me the day before.. but I smiled and agreed like this was the first time I was hearing the info. I signed the lease, she explained where I could park and about the keys. We toasted the deal with a bit of wine and some german cookies.

Afterwards I headed over to my new apartment to check it out. I parked in back in my spot and then went through and checked the lights and such and made notes on what needed to be changed and/or fixed. I made a video of it and posted it on Facebook.

Pix from SDCC this year.
Once I was done there I decided to do a bit of Christmas shopping.. while at Target I ran into my friends America and Dove. We shopped together for a bit, it was fun. While I was shopping I got a call from the owner of the apartment that I just signed the lease for, she informed me that she had made a mistake and that parking did not come with this place and that she would have to charge me an additional $100 a month for a parking spot. I told her that I would have to sleep on it.

Talk about being disappointed. I'm was already pushing my monthly rent limit to $1500, now she is asking for an additional $100 for a total of $1600 a month. Yeah I can't do that. It's a tough call to make because it's a great apartment, big and has plenty of room for all my stuff. I wouldn't have to rent a storage unit and the more important thing is that about 20 of my friends live within walking distance of the place. But my home mortgage was to expensive and one of the reasons I wanted to move was to pay less money a month (my range $1000 - $1200). So I'm going to have to pull out of this lease.

After the phone call I was depressed and no longer in the Christmas shopping spirit.. so I head back to my brother's to crash.

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