Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Big Move... Part 2 & The Hobbit Part 2

Started my day early.. I was up and off to Uhaul to pick up a truck. I was getting a large 24 foot truck so I could load everything at once. I got back to my place around 9:30am and started to load up some boxes that didn't make it on the first trip. I finished with the boxes just as my buddy Tamar showed up then Robert arrived 10 minutes after that and finally Doug, Dallas, Jes and Aaron. By 10am everyone was there and working in over drive and loaded up all my furniture.

Jes took control of organizing the stuff into the truck. She made sure in the truck and making sure that everything was secure as can be and that we were able to fit it all in one load. We killed it and what I thought would take us three hours only took us about two. You guys were awesome!!!

After we unloaded everything into storage I took the group out for a "Thank You" lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Didn't have the best experience as it took about 45 minutes to be seated and then our order was wrong but we didn't have time to have them fix it so we ate what we were given.

After lunch we headed to Arclight Sherman Oaks to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Along with Jes, Dallas, Doug, Robert and Aaron we were joined by Cait, Scott, Lan, Rupert & Luis. This was mine and Doug's second time but this was the first time for everyone else. I loved the movie the first time and enjoyed it even more the second time. I was actually anticipating scenes that were coming up.. made it even more exciting.

After The Hobbit, Doug and I headed over to Jes and Dallas' place to watch my screener of Frozen. My review will follow in my next blog post.

So overall it was a great day. Got about 98% of my stuff put into storage. I'm this much closer to getting out of this house and closing this chapter on my life. There was lots of work today but also lots of fun and play with friends. I love days like today.

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