Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Last Day...

So my house sold... I have until 5pm tomorrow to be out. So today I was up at 5:30am packing what remained of my belongings. I shoved about eight bags of cans into my little car and drove them down to the recycling center and got a nice chunk of change for them.

With my brother's help I figured out where the main water shut off valve was and was able to fix the outside faucet leak and this time it worked. I did two more trips to my storage unit and took some paint to a recycling place.

My brother came to help me out and we packed up this big SUV with boxes and bags of stuff I was going to give to charity. I also gave a few more things to him as well.

Got another screener.. The Book Thief. I went to a PGA screening of this and really enjoyed it. I'm glad I got a screener so I can watch it again and share it with friends.

It was now around 4pm and I packed up my car with the last remaining things of my house. This stuff was going with me like two suitcases, my computer and various other things. I made a "goodbye" house video which I posted on Facebook and did one final walk through to make sure I had everything. At 4:30pm I walked out the door, left my house for the final time. It was very bitter sweet on one hand I know I needed to sell the place and that I couldn't afford to stay there much longer but on the other hand there are so many great memories associated with that house and I loved living away from neighbors.

I drove to the buyer's realtor and dropped off the house keys and then headed south. My first stop was the escrow place as my final check was ready to be picked up. They closed at 5:30pm and I didn't get there until 5:40pm so I missed it. I'll have to pick it up tomorrow instead.  I then drove to Robert's for TV night (blog to follow).

So that's it guys.. my house adventure has come to an end. I'm glad it's over, that's one long chapter of my life that I get to close and I get to start a brand new one.. can't wait to see what's next.

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