Friday, March 7, 2014

Car Rentals and Cookies

After watching all 13 episode of season six of The Clone Wars I headed out to Target to pick up some travel things.. I initially went out to get a secured waste band/hidden wallet but I also picked up some suitcase locks and Id tags as well as a very cool bath accessories bag.

I also booked my rental car for my trip. I pick it up in Edinburgh and will keep it until I get to London. Not a bad deal.. 15 days for roughly $375 dollars. Of course this won't include gas but I'm thinking I can do this for under $500 for the entire trip. And I'm paying a bit more for an automatic. I mean I can drive a stick but I haven't done that in over 20 years and I figured I'm going to be struggling with driving on the right side of the road to have to worry about shifting as well.

Wondercon tickets went on sale for professionals today.. It took all of two minutes to get a free badge for me and two friends. I wish SDCC was this easy.

Later in the day I was really craving for some Girl Scout cookies.. I tweeted that I was thinking about driving around super markets and looking for Girl Scout. Besides it sounding creepy.. which many agreed that it did my friend Amy said that there is a Girl Scout Cookie app that will tell me where I can find cookies at any time. Sure enough I found the app.. downloaded it and found one location not to far from me that was going to be there until 8pm, currently it was 7pm. So I jumped in my car and headed over to Ralphs. I found their table but they were out of Thin Mints (which is what I really wanted). But the mother who was there with the girls said that another mother was on her way with more cookies. So I hung out with the girl scouts for about 15 minutes. Told them about the app (which they didn't know about). I finally got my thin mints (3 boxes) and I also got some do-si-dos (peanut butter) and samoas (coconut). This should hold me over until next year.

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